A few years ago, I had joined up with an MLM (network marketing) company to see where it took me.

I was big into the products and still use them, and I believed in the model – I saw and met many people who had made millions.

But there was one thing that always seemed to be the same for them…

They had experienced a magical combination of events that allowed them to be successful:

  1. They worked their ass off (yes, this is required) for 2-10 years.
  2. They (typically) had stuck with one company.
  3. That company experienced momentum at the same time they were working their ass off.

Now, there are a lot of people who work their ass off and make decent money.  At least until the company closes or everyone quits because they’re not making any money themselves….

But, it almost never failed that the person that made the BIG money had impeccable timing.

Look, I’m not saying that MLM doesn’t work or that doTERRA doesn’t work, I’m saying that from the dozens of people I’ve studied that have made over a million dollars in network marketing…. TIMING was a huge part of it.

Just wasn’t for me.  I think if people put the same amount of time and energy into building a business that they owned and were in control of, they would (on average) end up far wealthier than if they put the same effort into an MLM company.

For me, there’s not a whole lot you need to define to have a home business.

  • Do you work primarily at home?

I don’t care if you go meet clients, or run around and do MLM parties, you have a home business.  It is what it is.

  • Do you report to a boss?

Ahh… here’s the got ch’ya.  I hear a lot of people tell me they work from home – like they do some paperwork or data entry or even mystery shopping.

Now, to me this is not a home business.  This is you telecommuting for God’s sake.  It’s a frickin’ job, isn’t it?  If you didn’t do the thing you’re being paid to do, you’d be fired, right?

Even looking at the getting paid part.  If you’re not paying yourself, you don’t have a home business.

Does any of this even matter?

The answer is no.  I don’t really give a shit what you do.  If you like having a boss but like the flexibility of doing your job from home – then that’s great.

For me, I want to pay myself.  I want to develop a product or service, market it, and sell it.

Mostly online (for me).

I’ve got a long game of owning a couple dozen rental homes, which would bring in around $15k/mo passively.  I’ll get there by financing that through my online business endeavors.

I Challenge You

I challenge you to find a business that drives you.  An idea… a concept.

Doesn’t matter.

Take it and run with it.  Make something happen.  Whether it’s selling home made candles :) or building the latest MLM hype company to a billion dollars.

Pick it.

Do it.

Run with it.

And then fricking put that money into something that’s going to pay you for the rest of your life.